Apr 042016

People in my office tend to retire without letting people know so they can avoid being fussed over, but that makes it hard to make quilts for retirement presents! So since I had the feeling that my favorite coworker was in a retiring mood, I made her a birthday quilt this year.
adore-la quilt

I used the free Adore-la pattern by Cut To Pieces. I love the all solids version, but I already had a small fat quarter pack of Carkai which worked perfectly with the pattern — I just had to add in one other print.
adore-la quilt

The templates were good, but they sure left a lot of wiggle room for trimming! I didn’t really mind, but I did notice that I cut somewhat hefty chunks off when I squared up the drunkards’ path blocks.
adore-la quilt

It’s quilted with a circuit board-like stipple. I tried to concentrate on keeping the corners sharp since the last time I used this fmq pattern, I sometimes got antsy and accidentally made rounded rectangles. I like how it turned out!
adore-la quilt

This was such a fun quilt to make! It made me really happy because I got to use up stashed fabric, finish a project quickly, and make something for a really nice person!
adore-la quilt

Mar 282016

Back in December, I did one of my I-really-want-this-pattern-so-I’ll-justify-it-by-making-it-for-presents things and made Wee Wonderfuls’ Miss Fox for Glowbug. (Later on, I also made one for my niece so I could feel “thrifty” about using a pattern twice, heh.) I love how it turned out!
Wee Wonderfuls Miss Fox

Like the Elsa doll, a lot of Miss Fox’s parts are meant to be whipstitched on, which is never my preference. Instead, I sewed what I could into existing seams. There are darts in the head that were perfect for sewing the ears into! On my first attempt, I sewed the ear into the dart backwards, though. 😀
Miss Fox's ear

The legs were pretty easy to sew into seam between the front and back body pieces. I did have to check to make sure that they ended up pointing as straight down as possible since the body’s bottom seam is curved, and I think I ended up flattening out the bottom curve a bit. Also, I left openings in the legs’ inseams so that I could sew them to the body unstuffed, and then I stuffed and ladder-stitched them closed after everything was right-side out.
Miss Fox's legs

I did whipstitch the tail on, as instructed. Since it’s pretty large, I felt like enclosing it in a single seam would actually be weaker than whipstitching it around a larger area, especially considering the herringbone fabric’s looser weave. The thing about the tail is that it’s suuuuper cute, but it makes it hard to put the fox in a sitting position. Maybe I could have sewn it higher to make sitting easier? I think it looks like the tail is in the correct place, though…
Miss Fox's tail

I also followed the pattern by making button joints for the arms. I thought about enclosing them in the body’s side seams, but the way it seemed to be reaching out to you in the pattern picture was too cute!
Miss Fox's arms

Miss Fox is made out of some pumpkin shetland flannel that I had in my stash — it’s the perfect color and so soft! I had originally bought a yard of it to make a skirt because it looks so pretty, even though I don’t know what kind of skirt I thought I could get out of a yard of flannel that would be fit to go out of the house with. >_< Anyway, now it's got toy-shaped bits cut out of it, and I'm all ready for the next can-be-reddish-colored Wee Wonderfuls doll pattern to tempt me! Wee Wonderfuls Miss Fox

Mar 092016

Oops! A few days ago, I had a post up at imagine gnats about three pairs of Megan Nielsen’s Virginia leggings that I made.

For Rachael’s post, I tried to be good about showing the leggings since I do really appreciate it when other sewers show how clothes look on real people (although I did specially make this Plantain tee for extra butt coverage 😀 ). In regular life, though, I always wear my leggings under skirts or shorts.

virginia leggings normal look

I didn’t realize until I was editing these pictures that those shorts look kind of weird with that shirt. hah!

Mar 072016

In my New Years resolutive sewing through patterns and fabric I already have, I made a copy-of-the-pattern-cover Victory Patterns Madeleine skirt. I love it! I feel like I’m doing French cosplay when I wear it with the suspenders. 😀

victory patterns madeleine skirt

I shortened the skirt a lot (about six inches, I think) so it would end up just above knee-length. Then I only used 1.5 yards of the 2 yards that I bought, yay! This is the size 6 made up in Kaufman 8 oz black washed denim.

I love the way the skirt turned out, but some parts sure made me grumpy — particularly the lapped zipper instructions and the way the skirt back B is cut to “help” with it. I think my zipper turned out okay, but I had a really hard time figuring out what I was supposed to do. Plus, I’m pretty sure that if I’d followed the instructions exactly, I would have ended up with raw center back seam allowances!

One of the diagrams for the waistband overlap didn’t seem to be illustrating what I actually had on my skirt, but at that point I was barely looking at the instructions, anyway. I accidentally switched the direction of the waistband overlap, but I don’t mind because that’s the direction all of my other skirts hook in.

victory patterns madeleine skirt

I also made the pockets differently. The instructions don’t say to understitch the pocket edge, and they have you sew the pocket exterior and lining right sides together so that you can turn it right side out and have all the raw edges enclosed. I understitched my pocket edge (no peeking-out linings for me!), and then my exterior and lining pieces didn’t match up nicely anymore. So instead, I basted the exterior and lining along the bottom curved edge, pinked the raw edge, and pressed in along the basting line.

I tried to figure out the best place for my buttonholes, but didn’t quite manage it — when I put on the braces, the middle buttonhole makes them too loose, and the highest buttonhole hikes the skirt up to my ribcage. Without the suspenders, the skirt sits nicely on my natural waist.

victory patterns madeleine skirt

I had fun again with topstitching on my quilting Juki. So pretty! I was a bit of a doof though, and used slightly different stitch lengths all over the skirt. 😀

victory patterns madeleine skirt

This pattern is SO CUTE and I love it! It would be pretty noticeable if I made more than one (recently, a non-sewing lady at work asked me if I sewed my own clothes because she noticed that I wore Hollyburns, Brumbies, and Eucalypt tanks all week, hah!), but I just found an adorable red chambray version that I feel I must copy…

victory patterns madeleine skirt

Feb 022016

More catching up! Sunshine’s Christmas present was a momma and baby kangaroo from ikatbag’s ridiculously awesome Menagerie pattern.

ikatbag's Menagerie: kangaroo and joeys

I always love using her patterns — the instructions are so clear, well-organized, and clever, and the designs have a great sense of humor. Plus, she’s super generous: Menagerie has templates for NINETEEN (or 21!!! depending on how you count) animals, and it starts out with explicit technique-teaching sections that are easy to flip back to refer to.

Also, I love that she makes toys that kids can play with. Legs, ears, tails, and everything attached is machine-sewed into seams — no whipstitching here! And on the fun side, both Sunshine and Glowbug like to tuck the baby into the mom’s pouch. 🙂

ikatbag Menagerie kangaroo and joey

There were a few fights after Christmas because Glowbug kept stealing the joey, so I made her one of her own (and put her initial on it so there wouldn’t be any fights about whose was whose, heh).

ikatbag Menagerie joey

I wish I could have a softie-stuffing lesson — I went a little nuts, and the mom kangaroo looks great, but it’s awfully firm…! Also, Glowbug’s joey is quite a bit bigger than Sunshine’s because I overstuffed it a bit. Oops!

ikatbag's Menagerie: kangaroo and joeys

Jan 142016

I’ve been wanting a double gauze quilt of my own since it’s a little chiller lately, so before Christmas, I pulled out my hoarded Cotton + Steel double gauze and got working. (Glowbug totally stole the first one I made, and while later I made one for Sunshine.) Like last time, I used pretty double gauze for the top (Cotton + Steel), soft double gauze for the back (Kobayashi), and Quilter’s Dream wool batting. Then I machine tacked it to keep it poofy.

Cotton + Steel double gauze quilt

It was really fast to make — I think I only spent two days on it! Also, it turned out huge since the top is just four 1 yard cuts sewn together, and I used a twin-sized piece of batting.

I did the machine tacking in thread that matched the quilt top’s colors. I didn’t want them to stand out too much in the front because I didn’t put much effort into making sure the tacks were in an even grid.

double gauze quilt, close up

It doesn’t come across in these photos too well, but it made a pretty effect on the back, especially in the quarter where I changed thread colors for each stripe. It made me think of a field of stars.

double gauze quilt, back

The backing is actually purple (more like the previous picture), but this picture shows the multicolored tacks I like. 🙂

double gauze quilt back

I ended up mailing this to my sister for Christmas, and then her daughter stole it to use in her fort. The double gauze quilt thievery continues!

Jan 052016

I was super excited about my mom’s, Reiko’s, and my matchy match Christmas outfits! We wore them for the first time on Christmas day, and I’m a lazy photographer, so I only have day-of pictures. In order to not make it feel toooo much like I’m inflicting my Christmas album on you, I’ll just list details and limit myself to two pictures. 😀

Renfrew top, Veronika skirt, Uptown Downtown tank, DanaMadeIt skirt

Items made:

matchy matchiness!

Nov 302015

Our guild recently had a foundation paper piecing challenge, and before I made my challenge item (I was procrastinating!), I made a quick poolside tote for the prize.
Modern Flora poolside tote

I was stashbusting, so I did the best I could with choosing fabric that worked together out of my limited selection of 1 yard cuts (because I didn’t feel like finding coordinating half yards for the lining — that would be even more matching!); this is an old Jessica Jones Modern Flora print along with an old Anna Maria Horner LouLouThi print. Since I liked the result so much last time, I made another super long keyfob out of the the LouLouThi selvedge.
Modern Flora & LouLouThi poolside tote

While I was going through old photos, I found pictures of yet another poolside tote I made last year, but forgot to blog about. This was for my sister-in-law, and I meant for it to be a beach tote. Looks beachy, right? 🙂
chevron poolside tote

I lined it with a chicken print that I got specifically for her since she’d recently bought her own chickens and built a coop for them. 😀 (Since this was an earlier tote, the key fob is a more normal length.)
poolside tote - chicken lining

Speaking of chickens, I realized that one of our neighbors has wild chickens living in their mango tree! Someone had stopped by to pick mangoes, and I guess all the shaking disturbed the chickens so they were all over the road. Then I saw a bunch of them fly up to the neighbor’s garage roof, and then they jumped into the mango tree from there!

Nov 192015

Today I’m posting over at imagine gnats about the Darling Ranges dress I made in double gauze.
darling ranges dress in double gauze

I went through about 14 muslin versions of the bodice — my floor was covered in discarded bits! And this was right after I read a post on Sew Mama Sew advising sewers to avoid muslining in order to be less wasteful. >_< It turned out that the first 12 or so versions were due to my shifting my darts incorrectly; once I followed an actual method (instead of winging it), I only needed one muslin to get the darts in the correct place and a second one to adjust the dart height. gahhhh.
darling ranges dress in double gauze

The coral stripes are a little outside of my comfort zone, so I was nervous about using the fabric well and actually sketched a bunch of options for the stripes to go on the dress. Could you tell that I tried to make the front chevrony? 😀 The back is pieced to be chevrony too, but I regret that a little because it’s always covered by my hair, and now I’m worried that the bias edges at the waist will stretch out funny.
darling ranges dress in double gauze

I wonder if next time, I should lower the neckline a skotch? It maybe looks like I was a little too aggressive in raising it… In any case, I definitely like it better belted. 😀
darling ranges dress in double gauze