Jun 252011

I finished my mom bag version of the Margaret sling! This time, I cut the squares 20″ x 19″ to minimize waste from the interfacing I had. Since I was making this bag for my aunty’s friend, I included the things that I left out of the bag I made for myself: the interior pockets and the loop to close the bag around the button. I also made a fabric-covered button for the first time! That was fun — I made sure that there was a bee in the center.
margaret sling - mom bag version
I added a loop on the inside so that the mom-to-be could hang keys or a diaper trash bag dispenser thingy from it, and I made a quick little zip pouch to hang from it, too. If I ever make this bag again, I’ll try following the instructions and using flannel interlining instead of fusible fleece. Also, I only noticed after I finished this bag that the flannel interlining is supposed to be smaller than the exterior pieces to reduce bulk in the seams! Doh — that sure would have made the topstitching easier. I love my Jean A Ma Jig, though. I actually managed to make the topstitching look okay because of it… I think I didn’t have it when I made my own bag, and I had to hand stitch over the pleats.
margaret sling mom bag interior
I’d also move the interior pockets about an inch lower since the bag is so deep. I noticed that they were kind of high right after I sewed them, but I was too lazy to rip them out. :>

I’m happy that I finished my challenge for this week! I wrote about the other half of my challenge here.

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  5 Responses to “Margaret sling: mom bag version”

  1. Really cute, you did a great job!

  2. Cute! I’m a baggy person anyway so this is right up my alley. Great job!

  3. I love the jean-a-ma-jig too! And I agree with using flannel instead of fusible fleece if only for the savings in $. Fusible fleece is really expensive in my part of the world (Atlantic Canada). Great job reaching your goal!

  4. What a great looking bag! That fabric is really beautiful.

  5. really pretty – such a great use of this print!

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