Jan 092012

I had a really short attention span this weekend, so I didn’t want to work on my quilt (even though it’s just a baby quilt). First, I made Keyka Lou‘s recently discontinued pixie handbag (which I got when it was on sale, woot). I used the really cute Hideaway deer fabric inside, but didn’t get a good picture.

And it happened again: even though the pattern clearly says that the small version is 10″ wide, I failed to accurately imagine what it would look like, and I was surprised when I was done and it was tiny. >_< This was for my friend who teaches Japanese — I saw her on Saturday to help her with her website. She’s offering Skype lessons now, if anyone’s interested. :}

On Sunday, in order to procrastinate again on Dawnybear’s quilt and my two bee blocks, I made coasters for my friend’s birthday. All of the patterns are from Wild Olive; I think they’re so cute! My printer is broken (and also, I’m lazy), so I opened them up on the computer that’s attached to the tv, zoomed out of the pattern until it was small enough for the coaster, and traced it right off the screen.

Ever since I was a kid and up until last month, when I’d embroider things, I’d put my needle down through the fabric, pull the thread all the way through, bring my needle up through the fabric (having to take extra time to poke around to find where I wanted my needle to come up), and pull the thread all the way through, which made embroidery take forever. But last month, I finally realized that when all I’m doing is backstitching, I can put my needle down and up through the fabric, and then pull the thread through, and it’s so much faster! Dohhhhhh!

While I was closing up the coasters, Cosmo spied the ladybug print on my handsewing bag and said he wanted it. I asked if he wanted me to make him a ladybug bag, and he said yes. Heh, heh, heh…

Now, when Cosmo doesn’t understand a question that’s asked of him, he answers “yes” anyway, but I do think he might like this — when I finished the last set of zip bags, as soon as he saw them, he took the purple one and put his trains in it. When I tried to empty the bag out so I could close up the inside, he got upset and made me put all the trains back in. So hopefully he’ll like this one since I think it’ll be cute seeing him carrying it around!

Last night, I was so sad when I realized that I’d taken so long getting around to taking a picture of the quilt I wanted to use for Quilter in the Gap’s Finish-Along that I’d missed the linky party. Pooooo! I consoled myself later with some shopping therapy — I buy my own prizes!

I’m linking to Canoe Ridge Creation’s Sew Modern Monday since it’s Monday and I’ve finished thingies. 🙂
{Sew} Modern Monday at Canoe Ridge Creations

  6 Responses to “Procrastinarathon”

  1. You have the most awesome post titles!! I have the feeling you’re a pretty fun person in real life. 🙂

    Love these projects, the coasters are adorable. My fave is the one lump or two one!

  2. Ha, way to procrastinate there! Love that bag, but I have those same envisaging issues (plus, I mean, where do they measure them?)

    Giggling at the coasters, love the motifs. You’ve been doing stabbing backstitch before, which is what you want to use when you’re attaching 2 bits of fabric together, but for embroidery it’s perfectly okay to do the travelling version 🙂

    Sorry you missed the FAL, but you’ll get another chance next quarter (when I have a tutorial too, and a prize…)

  3. Cosmo and my 2 year old need to meet. Kieran walks around with his Thomas trains in a small bag over his arm. He empties and re-stocks the bag with the trains all day long. He gets feisty if anyone else dares to empty his bag.

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  5. i’ve made that same keyka lou bag. it’s a favorite. twinsies!

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