Dec 282011

My mom didn’t get one of those earlier zip bags in her secret Santa present because she requested a subdued toilet paper cover to replace the stuffed piggy one she had received as a gift many years ago. :> I measured a Kirkland roll and a Charmin roll, did my (π * d), and made this. I liked the leaf print since it’s for toilet paper… heh. Sunshine thinks it looks like a hat!

So does Cosmo.

My sister’s secret Santa present was this wristlet, which is the A version of Oh Fransson’s zippy bags. I put a Hawthorne Threads gift certificate inside so she can buy some cute fabric for herself.

The two coin purses are from Noodlehead‘s super cute tutorial — I made them at the last minute to add to my mom’s and sister’s regular Christmas presents. It was pouring when I made these, so even though I normally go outside to hammer snaps on the sidewalk, I did it on the dining room table. It was the middle of the night, and Mr. Yazoo said the next morning that he heard it from the bedroom. I hope I didn’t wake up our downstairs neighbors! Whoops!

  3 Responses to “And now for some gratuitous kiddie shots”

  1. Gosh your kids are so cute!! Fun TP cover, too! Or hat, I guess….

  2. Heh, I think it’s more Sunshine’s size that loo roll holder ;o) Cute purses too – my downstairs neighbour is usually out, and the flatmate is often watching noisy films at top volume, so I can sew in the middle of the night with impunity thankfully!

  3. Your kids are too cute! I cant believe your so productive at nighth with two young kids. I have to do everything in the morning as I’m usually shattered by the time I’ve got the kids to bed. It might have to do with Finn being almost three and never having slept the night!!!!

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