Dec 162011

I wanted to make my mom a library book bag and I liked Echinops and Aster’s spa bag, so I made this.

The pattern makes a cute bag! I tried to coordinate the exterior with the book fabric, since my mom seemed to like it when she saw it in my bag, and I bought the interior fabric especially for her.

I was a dork, though, and only vaguely tried to compare the dimensions to a pile of books before I started, and it’s kind of too small for a pile of library books! Doh.

In other news, I made a tomte for Dawnybear’s present. Two Christmas presents, dun!

  6 Responses to “Minimini book bag and a tomte”

  1. Oh don’t you love making mistakes like that? I do the same thing, much more often than I’m willing to admit. I don’t know why, since I CAN read the fabric dimensions, but I just get something in my head and am positive that I’m right. I made a fabric basket-cube-storage thing last year that was supposed to be for these little cookbooks I have, and to sit on my bookshelf. That thing is huge!! I probably should have gotten a clue when it needed a yard of interfacing, but still kept on trucking…I’m sure your mom will still love her book bag, even if it doesn’t carry many books. And your niece’s tomte is supercute, too! Look at you getting all your presents done!

  2. Love the fabric on that bag – ironically, I tend to make things far too big for their intended purpose, I have spacial visualisation issues lol What a cute wee critter though.

  3. This library bag is adorable! The fabrics you picked out are so perfect, she can definitely use it to carry her books. She is going to be so proud carrying her books in this new bag 🙂

  4. Love the lining on the bag and that wee little gnome!

  5. Love the bag… what’s that book fabric on the exterior?

    You’re killing me with the tomtes… I think I need to short-list that project! Adding Scandinavian Stitches to my Christmas list. Hope Santa thinks I was good this year 😉

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