Dec 122011

My dad just ordered himself the cheapest e-reader he could find, which is apparently a refurbished Kobo. New gadgets are super fun, but I still like real books. :> I bet my dad will love it, though, since he always brought a book to read while my mom, sister, and I shopped. Anyhoo, I made a case for his Kobo using Fresh Lemons Quilts’ super cute tutorial. Think it looks guy-ly enough?

It was awesome that Faith mentioned how to size the case to your own gadget since I didn’t have a Kobo to measure; hopefully it’ll fit with the dimensions I looked up online! If I ever make this again, I’ll try to remember to sew the velcro onto the top of the pocket earlier on — I waited till the end, and since the case is kind of small, I had to hand-sew the velcro on because I couldn’t wrangle it nicely under my machine. The needle-rocking technique I learned when I hand-quilted my tree pants came in handy!

I bet you’re thinking, what a cool green fabric! Right? I won it and some other fat quarters from Sew Lux Fabric in a giveaway at Echinops & Aster! Chrissy wrapped it so nicely that even Mr. Yazoo admired it.

I got to choose what fabric I wanted, and one of them was that fantastic apple crossweave I used in the Kobo case. It’s pretty and has a nice weight!

Thank you, Jenelle and Chrissy!

  3 Responses to “Kobokobokobo”

  1. Cool! I love my Kindle for travelling (for luggage allowance purposes) but can’t bring myself to read it in the house lol Love your fabric selection too!

  2. Cool case… now I have to go find out what needle-rocking means. I’m having funny images in my head.

  3. Nice case! I’m hoping for a kindle this Christmas, partly because I want to make a case for!

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