Dec 052011

The pants for my tree are finally done!

I enjoyed hand quilting this! I forgot to take pictures of the (worst) first and last stars I quilted around, but it’s really funny how different they look.

I didn’t wash it before I took it over to my parents’ house (where the tree is :D), but I probably should have since somebody got some dirt on them already.

  5 Responses to “Pants For Mah Tree”

  1. nice! we can’t have your tree walking around pantsless.

  2. Fabulous, Alli! They look great, especially your hand stitching! That dirt will be covered up by presents soon enough. What is it with little kids wearing big shoes? They’re so silly!

  3. Beautiful! I love the hand stitching.

    Shorts in December? I’m jealous!

  4. […] present. It’s 40″x50″ because that was the size batting I had left over from my tree pants. I also used more of the same flannel as my dad’s quilt and I pin basted (as opposed to spray […]

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