Dec 022011

I fiiiiiiinished! Yay! It was a lot cooler-looking in my head, but Katy said to pretend that you’re blind and your horse has the trots, and it’ll be okay. :>

In this picture, you can see the wonnnnky circle fmq-ing that I tried to hide in my last WIP post. I washed the quilt before I took the picture in the hopes that the crinkles would mask it a little. Oh, but I was happy about my new gardening fmq gloves: $1.20 at the grocery store, and they worked wonderfully!

I forgot to take a close-up picture of the binding, but I had fun with it: in each color chunk, I found a similarly-colored scrap, chopped the chunk, and sewed the scrap in. I was sad that my grey binding strip didn’t make it in — it had the Pac Man ghosties that are also in my dad’s potholders (this quilt is for him).

Thanks, Kate and Kristie for hosting this wonderful quilt-along! This is definitely a block I’ll be coming back to!

Oooh… I’m also linking to Crazy Mom Quilts’s Finish It Up Friday since I really did just finish it. :}

  11 Responses to “Drunkards’ Path, done!”

  1. i love it! it reminds me of pong. and math. and your circles are nothing to be ashamed of!! they’re so fun!

  2. I personally LOVE the wonky free motion circles. They look great. Love your interesting drunkard’s path layout as well. I’m a big fan of dark gray paired with bright colours.

  3. Oh I LOVE it! love the colors and the quilting! I wish I would have known about the quilt along!

  4. Now, now, they’re not wonky, they’re modern and stylish 😉

  5. Obviously I don’t know how it looked in your head, but I think it’s pretty awesome how it is! Love the bright colors against the grey and your FM circles look great!

  6. Very cool! It makes me think of the solar system…is that weird? The binding is perfect:)

  7. I think your quilting looks great! It’s a nice contrast to the precision of the geometric figures 😉

    I also use gardening gloves for quilting. Less bulky and very economical!

  8. This looks wonderful! A very cool and funky design, and I love the bright colors against the grey solid. And I love how you chose one of the circles as your center and quilted out from there! It looks awesome, great job! Thanks so much for joining Kate and me for the QAL, it was fun 🙂

  9. I also think it looks like a solar system. It looks great! The binding is really cool!

  10. What a great twist on a drunkard’s path quilt. It’s fun and unique and simple. Very cool! Love the different colors on the binding.

    Thanks for linking up to finish it up Friday!

  11. This looks awesome, I love that you made up your own design and it is so unique!! And the circles quilting is super fun too. I’m so glad you were able to join in the QAL!! 🙂

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