Nov 282011

On Thanksgiving morning, I woke up and realized that I didn’t have a holiday outfit for Sunshine. Whoops! Poor second baby! So Mr. Yazoo wrangled the kiddos while I made this:

I totally copied the google turkey. :} Oh, and I almost misspelled “daddy!” See?

On Saturday, I finished my Piece Bee With You block. I used Katy’s tip to use one of the templates to cut out all the pieces with a half inch margin, which was awesome. I was able to chain piece my four quadrants!

My dad-in-law made me an extension table a little while ago, which I love using, especially when piecing stuff like this. I put a light under it and was able to see through the foundation paper pretty handily!

(The lower left corner isn’t broken — larger projects were getting caught on it, so I asked my dad-in-law to make it less corner-ey.)

I made my signature block using my new copy of Modern Blocks. (I was a little disappointed when I saw some slightly old-fashioned looking fabrics used for the sample blocks — I’m not very good at imagining things in different fabric combos so I love samples that use fabric I already like — but overall I think this book is fantastic!) It’s just a leeeetle too big, but hopefully Alisha won’t mind!

  5 Responses to “Thanksbapron and geese”

  1. Awesome bapron! You are so crafty! Love your siggy block. So sad I didn’t put the swap name on mine before I sent it in.

  2. Awww, poor neglected Sunshine, so glad he didn’t have to spend Thanksgiving naked ;o)

    Yay for the geese, glad that worked well for you :o) I’m loving that book too, but I wasn’t smart enough to think to actually use it for the siggy block – doh! I did use an idea from another book though, albeit I kind of winged it!

  3. i still haven’t made my signature block! d’oh! wasn’t that block fun???

  4. He is the cutest butterball I have ever seen! Great idea to customize the bapron, too!

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