Nov 232011

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Christmas Tree Pants
It’s almost time to buy a tree, so I figured I’d better get cracking on finishing my Christmas tree pants! When I looked at them again, they were looking a little Canadian flag-ey, so I hoped that I could bring it back to Christmassey with some hand-quilting.

I thought I was doing pretty well with one thimble, but I guess I wasn’t since Mr. Yazoo said he heard me yell ‘ow’ a lot. :> I’ve been bringing the pants to work so I could get a little quilting done during lunch, but on Monday I forgot my thimbles at home, so I made one out of paper and tape. Heh, heh.

Circle Zip Pouch
I realized last night that my library copy of Heather Ross’s Weekend Sewing was due, so I spent a few hours tracing patterns, cutting them out, and scanning the instructions. After that, I had very little time left to sew before I was supposed to wake up for work (hah!), so I made 0.9 + 0.5 out of three keychain coin purses for my friends’ Christmas presents.

I think I have to top stitch them by hand because after I turned the first one right-side-out, I couldn’t squeeze it under my sewing machine foot! I also have to re-serge that second one because I didn’t realize one of my threads had broken when I was going back over a section that didn’t grab all of the layers, and I ended up just trimming the previous serging stitches off. Oof!

I was really sleepy this past week, so I didn’t get much done.

Bustle Backpacks

Happy turkey day, everyone!

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  3 Responses to “WIP Wednesday: November 23”

  1. Cute stuff! And hey, there’s nothing wrong with being Canadian flag-y!! hehe Are you from Canada?

    Love the circle pouches.

  2. You use thimbles? Wow, I’ve never done that. Mind you I have rather holey fingers o.O The skirt is looking great with the quilting though.

    The pouches are looking cute, sorry they’re being awkward for you!

  3. Your pants are looking great and very non-Mapley with that awesome hand stitching! Good luck with the zip pouches, that sounds like a fun gift!

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