Nov 142011

Last weekend, my mom was helping me make Swedish pancakes (they turned out soooo yummy!) for family dinner, and I burnt two of my parents’ potholders! One was kind of laser singed in a line, and the other was completely black and burnt. It made the dining room smell terrible.

This weekend, I thought, oh, I can make some potholders for my dad since I burnt his and I just made that blanket for my mom. And I ended up making the best potholders a nine-year-old could make. I think I’m insulting nine-year-olds everywhere.

I made the oven mitt on the right, first. My printer is broken, so instead of using a nice pattern from someone’s online tutorial, I vaguely traced one of my oven mitts. I used two layers of Insul-Brite on each side and was too lazy to baste everything, so of course it shifted all over the place. When I turned the mitt right side out, it fit my hand perfectly… but my hand isn’t guy-sized, is it? Nope! Then I sewed on the binding reaaaaally badly.

That oven mitt took me forever to turn right side out, so I chose to make the really simple oval one next. As you can see, I didn’t quilt it, and I also only eyeballed the shape. I made bias tape (it’s so cool how stretchy it is!), but since I only have one bias tape maker, I made the tape to fit it, even though it makes 3/4 inch tape. That’s not really wide enough for three layers of Insul-Brite and four layers of fabric, and that’s evident by the terrrrible job I did attaching it.

My mom pointed out some potholders they have that they really like (they’re oval-shaped with pockets on each half for your fingers and thumb), so maybe a year from now when I’ve forgotten how bad I am at making potholders, I’ll try again. 😀

Edit: I’m linking up to Sew Sweetness’s Thanksgiving Dinner Challenge. Heh, heh!

  4 Responses to “The best potholders a nine year old could make”

  1. Lol, well you get marks for effort anyway ;o)

  2. Well…..the fabric is cute!! I’m sure they’re good at their job though, even if you don’t like them. I think they’re fun!

  3. they’re cute! i’ve made the same sizing mistake more than once. i think the key is to make them way, way bigger than you think could reasonably be big enough.

  4. This made me laugh… sounds like something I would do. The fabric is too cute!

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