Nov 022011

*moonfare spam*

I finally made my October (>_<) block for Sew Bee Joyful. Charlotte asked for blocks with classic boys' toys, and she gave us a really pretty inspiration board to help us out. I chose to do a ray gun. I'm not really happy with it -- it looks kind of Nerfy to me. Oh! I just realized that it's totally because I made the body orange! Doh... maybe Charlotte won't mind since Nerf toys have been around forever...?

I am happy that I at least learned something while I was making this block. I kept having trouble sewing my pieced sets together — I’d try to eyeball it and fold down the material so I could see if the papers lined up, and a couple of times I made lines on the fabric with my disappearing pen so I could try to match those lines up. Finally, I realized something that I’m sure people who have brains already knew to do: I realized that I could put pins through points in both pieces and line them up that way!

In other news, I have to catch up on thank yous. Today, I want to say: thank you, Michelle and Kate for sending me this awesome set of goodies for the September Bloggers’ Dinner Party! 🙂

  2 Responses to “Ray gun, pew pew!”

  1. Oh I love it, especially the trigger, how fab! (BTW, we don’t get nerf guns here in the UK, so it just looks cool ;o) )

  2. I love this and have a boy obsessed with nerf guns that will love a nerf gun block. So I will “borrow ” your idea unless you let me know not to.
    With paper piecing aren’t you meant to sew on the paper side so you can sew on the lines drwn on the paper?

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