Oct 312011

… or The Reason My Bee Block Is Going To Be Two Days Late, Sorry Charlotte!

I’ve been so focused on working on Christmas things that Halloween stuff slipped my mind. I had planned to have both the kids wear old costumes, but then it was October 29th and I couldn’t find the monster body for Sunshine’s outfit. Whoops! Instead of buying a costume I wasn’t really excited about (why do the stores with the super cute baby costumes only stock them in August?!), I made a bapron like this one.

This is a superhero bapron, so he’s got both his secret identity business attire and his cape. Bizness in the front and party in the back!

I amazed myself again by taking alllll night to make what should be a super fast little project. I’m still really slow when I have to applique things — it took me forever to draw the N that I ended up using, and then I cut it out of fabric four times: first I forgot to flip it and then it was backwards; second I drew a different N, cut it out, then decided I didn’t like it; third I realized that the icy blue fabric I was using was too light, and fourth I cut out the dark blue one correctly. I also made too much bias binding really slowly.

But Captain Sunshine’s ready to tag along with Cosmo and T tonight!

  5 Responses to “Captain Sunshine Bapron”

  1. Hee hee, so cute, I particularly like that last ‘flying’ shot ;o)

  2. Awwww the costume turned out great! Enjoy 🙂

  3. Oh my, that is stinkin’ adorable!!

  4. How cute is this?!!! And so clever to add the cape to the bapron.

    Did you make Cosmo’s costume as well?

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