Oct 262011

My aunty asked me to make another Margaret bag for the sister of her friend who I made the last one for. She wanted different fabric so they wouldn’t get their bags mixed up, so she told me that her friend’s sister likes blue and brown, and that I should use something cute for the interior. I spent a fun while auditioning fabrics (I made myself a pinterest board to keep track of the possibilities), and in the end, I chose a blue and orange fabric. How’s that for following instructions!

Since I don’t know my aunty’s friend’s sister, I tried to pick the print that was most generally appealing; I also liked the dragonfly print, but wasn’t sure if it would be to the the sister’s taste.

I’m so glad that I wrote down the dimensions I used in the last bag because I completely forgot! I had to crib from my own blog post. 😀 This time, I did cut the fusible fleece smaller to reduce bulk in the seams, and I made sure the pockets were an inch or so lower. I wanted to try using flannel interlining this time, but since my aunty’s friend’s sister saw the other bag I made and said she wanted one like it, I thought I shouldn’t change too many things.

This time I used a different hardware thingoo (from Lowes, hehe) for the keychain strap. I attempted to do those neat-end zipper whatsabobs, but since I made the fabric bits narrower than recommended, they ended up getting swallowed up by the seams and you can’t see them at all! Doh!

I’m happy that I can cross this off my list — my aunty said that her friend is throwing a baby shower for her sister next month, so I wanted to finish this before Halloween. Yay!

  4 Responses to “Yet another Margaret bag”

  1. Very cute, and love the fabrics you chose (you rebel, you!)

  2. Beautiful bag! Too bag the pattern has retired.
    I had a wonderful time visiting your blog. Celebrating Color only links to the post of the project, so I forgot to take a closer look.
    Have a lovely week.

  3. This bag is adorable! Love the fabric choices.

  4. lovely bag,

    do you have the pattern for making it, and would you share it??

    i love it!!


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