Oct 212011

I recently ordered more stuffing from Amazon, and I also treated myself to Scandinavian Stitches to get the free shipping. (Oh, how I love your free shipping, Amazon!) I’m suuuper late to the party — people were raving about this book a year ago — but I love it! Every project in it is so cute, especially the tomtes! It’s funny because when I first saw people making these, I thought they were silly looking, but now I think they’re silly adorable.

I made this one for Sunshine the day I got the book because I was so excited about it. It took me forever to stuff the legs! Also, I wanted to be quick and so only pinned the arms and legs into place before I sewed the back and front together, which turned out to be false economy because I had to rip out the stitches and do it over. Even though it took me way longer than it should have (why am I such a slow sewerer?!), I’m looking forward to making at least two more of these!

This is made entirely out of stash stuff. I don’t know why, but I got it into my head that it should also only be made out of scrap bin stuff; otherwise, I would have picked a different fabric for the body. It’s fun just working out of my scrap bin, though — there are a lot fewer pieces the correct size, so I don’t have to make such hard decisions about which fabric combinations to use. 😀

  2 Responses to “I love tomtes!”

  1. I don’t even see the tomte because I can’t get past the adorable little guy holding it! 😉

  2. Cute! Although the recipient obviously hasn’t cracked smiling for the camera yet, more bribery needed ;o)

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