Oct 102011

I stayed up way too late on Saturday night (til 6:30 am on Sunday!) in order to finish my October block for the Pice Bee With You bee, but now it’s done and I’m so relieved!

When the queen bees asked if we all wanted to make this a one or two-block-a-month bee, I had said that two would be fine with me, but I’m glad that more sensible heads prevailed. This block made me tired! I’m a champ at making simple things take forever. For instance, I sewed:

  • the topmost seam three times
  • the left flower leaf FOUR times
  • the seam between the legs and the shoes twice
  • the sleeved arm twice

… and that’s just what I can remember through the intervening haze of two days!

On the other hand, I had fun making the pattern for this block. I need to get better at seeing how to sew it together without cutting the paper up into a majillion bits — that probably kind of defeats the purpose. 😀

  3 Responses to “My first original foundation pieced block!”

  1. there’s a way to do it without cutting paper! it involves a lot of folding on your lines.

    this looks awesome.

  2. Cute block, love the wee flower. I’m currently reading a pile of tutorials before leaping in…

  3. Sounds like you and I had the same challenges. She came out great… love the hair!

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