Sep 232011

Hello, Mr. Skellington and your trick-or-treat bag!

The sock skeleton that Fabric Donkey linked for Cauldron Crafts was so hilarious that I had to make one for Cosmo.

Cosmo kept taking it away from me when I was trying to finish it, and of course once I was done, gave it to him, and wanted to take a picture, he didn’t want anything to do with it anymore! Harrumph.

Mr. Yazoo had fun directing Mr. Skellington’s photo shoot, though.

I also made Cosmo a trick-or-treat bag basically from The Sometimes Crafter’s pattern. I made it a different size and able to stand up on its own since Cosmo has an easier time with that sort of bag, and I embroidered a rainbow on the non-kitty side. I like it when Cosmo says, “bow wow” (like arrow) for “rainbow.” 🙂

Now I have to make a second skellington and bag for my niece. Mr. Skellington says bye!

Cauldron Crafts with Distant Pickles and Fabric Donkey

Finished it Fridays!

  3 Responses to “Skellington and his trick-or-treat bag”

  1. Hee hee, love your skellington

  2. Holy cow….this is so cute!!! I love it! My boys would eat this up. Love that bag, too – beautiful!

  3. What a fun skeleton and I love the rainbow stitching on the bag!

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