May 152015

Honestly, when the Linden sweatshirt pattern first came out, I was underwhelmed — I could totally see how it’s comfy to wear, but didn’t think it was terribly flattering. Then Rachael sent me some awesome tweedy-looking burnt orange French terry which I wanted to make into an Ondee sweater, but when I saw it in person, I was all, “man, that totally looks Lindeny.” So! I made Lindens.
French terry linden tee
This is my artsy shot — yup, that’s as artsy fartsy as I can get.

I got some remnant cheapie knit to practice with first since I only had a yard of my precious French terry and I didn’t want to mess up. I made View B in size 2, and that definitely fit in a yard of 60″ wide fabric with some left over. Okay, so looking at these pictures, I think I may have been right about the not super flatteringness, but when I’m wearing this shirt, I feel fashiony with my fancy cropped tee! :D:D
grey linden

I like the length of this shirt… as long as I never raise my arms. I also think that this would look nice with a layering tank underneath it; unfortunately, that appears to be a hole in my wardrobe.
grey linden back

With my practice version out of the way, I carefully cut up the French terry. I love the different colors that are knit into the fabric! The wrong side is interesting too, and I hope other sewerers will figure out a good way to feature the loopy side (so I can copy them, hehehe). Since it’s a slightly looser knit, it frays a bit over time, so I serged all of the seams.
terry linden neckline

The French terry was actually easy to sew, and it behaved nicely under my walking foot. I did my too-cheap-to-buy-extra-thread double needle finish by just going around each seam twice, and it turned out pretty even!
terry linden sleeve

I’m super happy with my new Lindens — the neato French terry one especially will be a great casual Friday shirt for work!
terry linden back

So what do you think — should I still try to make an Ondee sweater out of this French terry? It’s nicely drapey and I love the color, but I have this (basis-free) feeling that the Ondee would be better in a springier knit. What should I dooooo?
terry linden
Oops, this is one of the pictures I took before I went back and fake-double-needled all the hems! :}

  2 Responses to “I got sucked in by the Linden!”

  1. hmmm…. now you have me thinking about how I can work in the wrong side of the fabric. love your lindens!!

  2. These look great! Also, fashiony = haaaaaa!

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