Apr 302015

(Just to keep this from being a big old wall of text, I’m throwing in some pics of clothes I made but never got around to blogging. Oh, and some of these pictures were taken by Cosmo, so that’s why the tiltovision.)

I’m so excited — this year I feel like I can participate in my first Me-Made May! Here’s my pledge:

I, Alli of (right here, hehe), sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’15. I endeavour to wear at least one me-made garment each day for the duration of May 2015. Also, I will sew up at least four new garments, two of which will use stashed fabric.

sj tee and hollyburn skirt
SJ tee in a fab knit and a Hollyburn skirt in Shibuya lawn

I actually have already been wearing my self-made clothes almost every day, but I tend to wear the same stuff over and over, so this month, I want to work on things like not wearing the same pair of shorts all week and having more than a one-week work clothes rotation. Case in point: I wear this Hollyburn skirt to work every week, even though it’s my wearable muslin made from remnant shelf twill. >_<

A photo posted by Alli H (@sayonion) on

So some wardrobe gaps I’d like to fill this month are:

  • Another pair of shorts (either Chataigne or Thurlow)
  • Another pair of ponte Tania culottes (my current pair is super pilly, but I still wear it all the time)
  • Two more work shirts — it would be awesome if I made a Granville shirt, but more realistically, it’ll probably be Eucalypt and Ondee
  • Another work skirt: I’ve been cycling through six skirts lately (3 Hollyburns, 2 modified Alders, and one La Sylphide), but the La Sylphide makes me nervous in the wind tunnel outside of my work, and two other skirts are almost the same shade of teal, so I tend not to wear them in the same week. So for May, I’d like to make a Chardon skirt… it looks different because it has pleats! 😀

modified alder skirt with ribbon trim
This is the modified Alder that looks very similar to my ponte Hollyburn.

And my wishlist items are:

  • A giant grampa sweater with pockets — I keep waffling about whether I want to knit or sew this, so it’s really not happening anytime soon.
  • View B of V9108
    It’s a little crazypants, but I love it and couldn’t stop thinking about it when the new Vogue patterns came out. I already bought the pattern and I miiiiight have enough appropriate fabric, so this one might actually happen! (I must secretly want to be an artsy painter lady.)
  • A Granville. siiiigh. I bought enough fabric for two of them and I have the pattern, but I need to psych myself up for my first collared shirt.

I’m optimistic about being able to get at least a few of my wardrobe gap items done since I already have fabric and patterns for all of those things. I just needed the kick in the pants to get started! How about you — are you participating in Me-Made May?

sj tee
My other SJ tee… and I have stashed fabric for one more. Oops, but that’s not one of my goals for this month, hehehe.

  2 Responses to “My first Me-Made May pledge!”

  1. Glorious colour choices Alli. And V9108 is an interesting and intriguing look – especially when done with four different fabrics. I like the way that your pledge is about wearing more of what you have made – dressing up a little bit everyday. That is a nice pledge. Looking forward to seeing more photos, even if they are a bit sloping!

  2. I just had this idea of maybe using a piece of vintage Japanese Kimono fabric for the V9108 panel. A friend has recommended this site. https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/231958526/rare-takarebune-tsuru-vintage-japanese?ref=shop_home_active_17.

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