Mar 192015

I’m definitely not a mass production-loving person, but in the past couple of months, I’ve made three wide open zipper cases for presents because they’re awesome! They’re pretty quick to sew, look great, and I feel confident that people like receiving them because anyone can find a use for a pouch. Sometimes I talk myself out of making people bags because we can have really definite bag preferences, but pouches are universally useful. 🙂

Back at Christmas, I made the first wide open zipper pouch for my cousin who’s a teacher. Teachers need to keep things places!
fishies zipper pouch closed

I love how wide these open up! This first one was a little bit of a pain to sew when I was going around the U-turn, but it got easier with the next ones. I completely forgot to include the ribbons at the ends that give you something to grip when you’re opening or closing the zipper. Fortunately since the pouch is brown, I think it won’t be too noticeable if it gets the ends get a little grungy from being grabbed, instead. ;D
fishies zipper pouch

Next, I made one for my dad, who’s addicted to buying little pouches for his USBs and cords and things. I think he was happy…! (I can never tell with my parents.)
pac man zipper pouch closed

I remembered the ribbon end thingies, but forgot to include my label on his, which I felt bad about since he once specifically mentioned to me how much he likes them. >_< pac man zipper pouch

The last one was for my awesome co-worker’s birthday. I finally realized that the ribbon ends were a perfect place to put my labels!
whales zipper pouch closed

Usually, I dither for a long time when I’m trying to put together fabrics, but this time I felt like the orangey triangles really went with the whales. Was I right… or delusional?
whales zipper pouch

For all of these, I was a big cheapie and used not-fat-enough yarn inside the piping, which is why they all look a little suspect. But I recently bought a cone of fat packing twine to use for piping, so hopefully things will improve! 😀

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  1. Lovely colour combinations and really great quality work on that piping. They look like they were bought, not made.

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