Sep 142011

I got a little closer to making a square prism bag this time — it’s sort of a diamond prism! Gahh.

For each rectangular side, I sort of assembled the pockets for each wall, stuck a piece of cardboard inside, and then sewed up the open edge. I ripped out a bunch of seams, though (I think I ripped out the same two seams twice!), because I’d be all gung-ho and sew everything shut, then realized that I should have done things in a different order or sewn more pieces together.

I machine-sewed the two tent top triangles separately, then hand-sewed the middle base piece to one tent top, and finally hand-sewed the other tent top on.

Since this was just a test, I tried a zipper on one side and a button-loop closure on the other to see which I liked better.

Look away from all the fraying edges on the inside… it’s just a test! 😀

I don’t think I really like this bag for holding utensils; I feel like it takes up too much room in my bag. I’d use it for a pencil case if I were in school, though! It’s just not what I was imagining originally. I actually liked it a lot when only one triangle prism was put together, and then I liked it less after I attached the second one. Now I’m trying to figure out if my idea is still okay and if I can make it work, or if it’s really just gimmicky and I should try my best to make a nice, normal-shaped bag. Hm!

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