Sep 102011

I was so happy to win Pings and Needles’ Japanese Scrap Bag Challenge with the suggestion that I make an eating out kit so that I wouldn’t have to use disposable utensils — I always feel a little bad throwing them away after only using them for such a short while, and I like my own utensils best, anyway. 🙂

I got my scraps in the mail yesterday, and I’ve been trying to think of an interesting way to make the bag ever since. This evening, I wanted to try making a test for two triangle prism bags that I would sew together to make one square prism bag with zippers at opposite corners. I was even wondering if I could put a zipper between the two of them for a third pocket. I dreamt too big! I got as far as making the first triangle bag, and then realized I’d have to think this over.

The biggest problem is that it’s too floppy. I don’t think I’d be able to connect two bags like these in any sort of pretty way to make a square prism. Minor problems include the bag being too long and the zipper ends being sewn the wrong way.

Now I’m trying to pawn my test bag off on my sister or mom — I used fabric that I don’t like since it was just for practice. :>

I’ll keep trying to think of something interesting… it’s a good thing I have until October 10th!

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  1. I love the whole prism bag idea … I left a comment on your flickr pic too … there must be a way to toughen this baby up (without using interfacing) … I think hard plastic or cardboard (if you’re being thrifty) in the bases of each should be enough … maybe you could sew it into the sides too, like batting … It’s what I did with my reversible journal cover and it really worked!

    I love your last post about the fact that you need to make sure you have enough sleep because of work .. I go back to work on Mon and I’m really not looking forward to being able to have my crazy long sewing sessions … LOL!

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