Jan 132015

In December, I found the uptown/downtown dress pattern, and I love it so much! It makes an adoooorable little baby dress, it’s quick and easy to sew (I like kiddie things to be fast makes since they get outgrown so quickly), there are a lot of modifications included (great for me, who has no fashion imagination), and it’s a super price (hehehe).
uptown downtown dress, grey

I was able to make two size 2T outfits out of my Cherie Jenna cardi leftovers… oops! Which I forgot to mention here — it was for imagine gnats, and it looked like this:
cherie jenna

Anyway, in order to stretch the leftovers, I omitted the facings and did normal t-shirty neck and sleeve finishes. I also constructed them in the flat because sewers I admire and who are better than me do that too. 😀
cherie uptown downtown dress

For my sister’s daughter my other baby, I made a 2T but chopped it to a t-shirt length since she’s only 1 year old and isn’t walking yet. Hopefully that’s why it fits a bit oddly around the neck, and it’ll get better as she grows into it.
two 2T uptown downtown outfits

I’m a huuuuge dork and forgot to take a good-camera picture, but on Christmas afternoon, I remembered that I wanted to make a matchy Christmas dress for Glowbug and managed to sew this in time for dinner. (Sorry for the blurriness — it’s the best one I have. >_<) hehehe, matchy Christmas outfits! blurry Christmas matchy outfits

  2 Responses to “Uptown/downtown dress for my babies!”

  1. You are an amazing mom! I love these dresses, especially the matching one 🙂

  2. Co-ordinate-tastic there!

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