Oct 092014

I found myself in need of more luggage (also, I was trying to justify recent purchases by using my stash, hehe), so made an owl-riffic portside duffle bag. The exterior fabric is all bought locally for once — I got the owls (at full price O_o) from a local fabric shop, and the base and handles are made from my twill maritime shorts’ leftovers.
owl duffle skyline

Having started my grown-up sewing from the quilting side of things, I thought it was interesting how the portside instructions and pattern differed from indie bag patterns I’ve used in the past, considering Grainline Studios is generally focused towards apparel. Specifically, I found myself printing out eight jillion pages in order to end up with a bunch of pattern pieces that were rectangles. >_< I've read apparel-focused people getting frustrated when pattern pieces weren't included for every single thing, so it makes sense that Grainline would write a bag pattern this way, but I kept grumbling, "just give me cutting measurements! ARGH!" owl duffle right side

Even more frustrating was that the yardage required was given for the entire set, not for individual pieces in the set. The first time I made this bag (oops, this owl version is actually the second one I made — I gave the first one away before I could take pictures of it), I bought way too much because I bought the recommended yardage even though I only wanted to make the duffle. doh!
owl duffle left side

This bag could definitely benefit from piping, but I tend to fall on the side of laziness when it’s not explicitly called for in the pattern. :> Anyway, I’m looking forward to using this bag — it’s huge, and there’s no way someone can try to pretend its theirs and walk off with it. muhaha!
owl duffle on ground

  2 Responses to “Big blobby duffle”

  1. Ugh, I hate drawing up pattern pieces, so mine come with as few as humanly possible!

  2. That’s a really cute bag, and nicely done. Your stitching looks impeccable, particularly those x-boxes (as mine never look that great!).

    I was wondering that about the pattern too in terms of the specified yardage, and I wondered why it wasn’t broken down by piece. I was going to run out to grab additional fabric, but now I’m wondering if I have enough on hand to make the duffle. By chance do you recall how much fabric you needed for just the duffle?

    I’m buying the PDF version and not looking forward to piecing so many pages together – like you, for straight cuts I’d prefer just the dimensions. But…I’m looking forward to making this bag. I’ve read so many rave reviews and it’s absolutely adorable.

    Thank you for sharing!

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