Sep 062011

… not disappearing me! I’m finding it hard to finish as many projects now that I have to be sure to get enough sleep for work. >_< Anyhoo, I finished a simple disappearing nine-patch quilt for Mr. Yazoo’s friend’s daughter Eden. I was too lazy to think up proper measurements and it didn’t occur to me til I was done that I should have adjusted the sashing widths to make the quilt come out to more normal proportions, so it’s 46″ x 60″. Hah!
I wanted to use my new darning foot to quilt this, so I practiced a little bit before starting. I hate practicing to no purpose, though, and was seriously nodding off quilting my little scraps, so I went ahead and quilted loops and curves on the quilt. That was so fun! It was way more fun than quilting straight lines (although I still do like the look of straight lines), so time really flew. My loops are pretty funny looking, so I hope Eden doesn’t mind. 🙂

Sew Happy Geek

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