Sep 222014

I think Cotton and Steel is reeeeeally cute, but I hardly buy fabric that isn’t on sale — I spend plenty of money as it is just shopping sales. But I had an excuse lately — I asked Papa Yazoo to make Glowbug her own stool since she’d been wrassling the boys over theirs. Then it sat, uncovered, in our house for a couple of months, until Mr. Yazoo was all, when are you gonna finish that? So then I haaaaaad to shop specially for some cute heavier-weight fabric! :>
tiger stool

Tigers! I love those tigers! I managed to make the cover fit more closely than on Sunshine’s one, but I accidentally bought thinner foam. It has a zipper on the bottom to make it easy to remove the cover… which came in handy since the legs fell off twice and had to be reattached. >_< tiger stool bottom

I love these stools because they’re the perfect height for little kiddies (and me — I like sitting on them, too).
tiger stool in use

They also can be used as baby beds! 😀
tiger stool bed

In unrelated news, our guild‘s August block challenge was scrappy stars, so I made a lone starburst. I always save my scraps, but pretty much the only time I use them is for other people’s blocks or challenges!
scrappy starburst

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  1. Aww, cute wee model, and great use for the C+S!

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