Aug 292014

I wanted to be a poet-who-knows-it (hehehe) by titling this “Guilt quilt,” but then I found out that it has a different meaning…

Anyway! Every Christmas, we send all of Mr. Yazoo’s New York family’s presents to his grandma to hand out, and she gives them to people whenever they stop by — they don’t really do a big get-together, so I don’t feel the pressure of trying to make all the presents even. Last Christmas, I sent his grandma and cousin-by-marriage quilts, but no quilty present to his aunty. Normally it would have been okay, except that year, his grandma, aunty, and cousin actually did get together at Christmas, and they opened the presents we sent together! ARGH!!!

We’re going up to visit this fall, and in order to be able to face his aunty without shame(!!!), I planned to make a quilt to send to her before we arrive. Now it’s done, whew. (Sorry about the pictures — I took them as the sun was setting, so the colors are a little weird.)
paparazzi quilt

This is the 72″x72″ size of the paparazzi quilt. I really like it! I did accidentally make an extra block since I’m a terrible skimmer-of-instructions and the pattern set me up with 13 fqs for 26 blocks (13 of each type), and my brain didn’t engage at all to remind me that I’d only need 25 blocks for the 5×5 layout. It worked out in the end, though, cause Cosmo claimed the extra block to make a blankie for his monster.
paparazzi quilt occupied

Other than the white fabric, which I bought especially for this, I finally made stash withdrawals. (I feel like I’ve only been making stash deposits for the last six months.) The yellow bees and houses fabric has been in my stash for five years — the entire time I’ve had a stash! I managed to learn from my disaster quilt, and this time I sewed a verrry scant quarter inch for my flying geese AND remembered to trim them (doh), so putting the blocks together was relaxing and not mumble-inducing.
paparazzi quilt close up

I took the quilt sandwich to my first sew-in with the Oahu Modern Quilt Guild (we have a modern quilt guild yayayayayayayyyy!!!) and a lot of people really liked the backing, so I just thought I’d mention — it’s Dear Stella’s asterisk in multi flannel.
paparazzi quilt backing

I managed to do most of the quilting at the sew-in, and I just did easy little loopies since I wanted to get it done quickly. The other people at the sew-in were so nice and were praising my quilting; meanwhile, I was thinking, I know you guys can do much fancier quilting — this is kiddie scribble in comparison! I was happy enough that my thread hardly ever broke, and I mostly avoided having half-inch long stitches. :>
paparazzi quilt quilting

It’s such a relief having this quilt done — Mr. Yazoo’s aunty is awesome to us, and I didn’t want her to be offended. Plus, I’m happy because now my latest quilt finish is no longer that awful mess o’messy mess one! hehehe.
paparazzi quilt lotsa feet

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  8 Responses to “My tale of present fail”

  1. That came out great! And I love the backing material. It really ties it all together!

  2. awesome, I love all the colors, they really pop against the white

  3. Whew, so glad you’re not going to be on the Christmas naughty list this year 😉 Looks great!

  4. This is so pretty! I’m sure his aunt will be thrilled! Your quilting looks great, too. And so fun that you had a guild sew-in to work on it!

  5. Wow wow wow!!!! The quilt looks amazing, the swirrles look great and the kid is so cute! Blankie for his monkey. Hahahhahaha!!! This is one funny post. And I am sure you auntie will fall off her chair when she sees it!

  6. Wow…what a great quilt! Yay and double yay for having a local MQG! I love my group and going to sew-ins. And a trip to NY, what fun!

  7. Can I chuckle at your chagrin that some fabrics have been in your stash for five years? I just pulled some that was so old it was from when fabrics were only 36 inches wide. Guess it is almost vintage.

  8. Very nice project, great fabric choices….and I love the model 🙂

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