May 022014

Selfish Sewing Week is almost over, and I managed to only be half-procrastinatey about it… I made a comfy grandpa sweater early, but put off posting about it. heh!
julia cardigan

I got to try the Julia cardigan, and even though I’m not sure if it’s incredibly flattering on me, I’m really happy that I did because it is so comfeeeey. I’ve been wearing it constantly ever since I made it. (Look, my seams almost match up!)
julia cardigan right

I used this two-sided brown and mustard jersey from Girl Charlee — it’s actually just like double gauze because it’s two layers of really thin jersey that’s secured together all over (thus the pin dots). It’s ridiculously soft and cozy, and I love it. I was thinking about mixing the brown and mustard on the outside of the cardigan, but the pin dots are pretty noticeable in person (and made me think of pores…), so I ended up just using the mustardy side. It’s such a pretty color!
julia cardigan left

I made the no-hem, long-sleeved version for maximum warmth. I’m not sure why, but I stared for a long time at the instructions for putting the doubled collar together, and then I still sewed it together wrong at first. Other than that, though, I think my clothes-sewing skills are (slowly) improving because I wasn’t too stressed about sewing the rest of it. 😀 Since the pattern mentions that the sleeve cuffs are drafted to be loose, I whapped off about 1.5″ off the circumference (I think), and then adjusted the sleeve pattern so it would taper to the narrower cuff. I also sewed twill tape along the shoulder seam allowances (I learned that from the Renfrew Top!) so they wouldn’t stretch out.
julia cardigan laid out

Even though I was a big procrastibug, there’s still time to enter the SSW giveaway, and you can see other great projects on the Selfish Sewing Week Kollabora page. Have fun!
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  2 Responses to “Selfish Sewing Week: Julia cardigan”

  1. I think the cardi looks cute on you… love that it’s made out of jersey. Looks comfy!

  2. Oh, it should be so comfortable! It’s nice too, and don’t worry, it looks really good on you!
    I was looking for that kind of pattern, it’s very usefull for everyday life. Thank you, I’ve found it! 🙂

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