Mar 172014

I feel like I’ve been reading for ages about other people loving their Renfrew tops (by Sewaholic), and I totally agree that they look fantastic on almost everyone. (Frankly, that’s not the case for every single pattern out there — I’ve been drawn in by gorgeous samples on pattern covers, but when I google to see real people’s versions and find that almost everyone ended up with a not-so-flattering piece, I know that the pattern’s not for me.) So since I was in a clothes-sewing mood (after feeling all pro for sewing two whole versions of Victory Patterns’ Ava top), I finally made my own!
renfrew top

I think I had 3/4 of a yard of this apple tree fabric, and it was more than enough for one shirt. It fit perfectly straight away — yay for knits and a fantabulous pattern! I didn’t finish any of the inside edges since knits don’t fray, yeah? We’ll see how it lasts though constant washings; since shirts like this are totally my style, I’m probably going to wear this one every week, heh.
renfrew inside out

I thought it was neat that the instructions said to sew twill tape to the shoulder seams so they don’t stretch out. Oh, and I think you can kind of see that I added a second line of topstitching on the back collar so the binding fabric thingy wouldn’t flip inside-out. (Or maybe I just missed that bit in the instructions…)
renfrew shoulder seam

I was so excited about this shirt that I bought fabric to make a funny Christmas version. Now I’m like everyone else who sewed a Renfrew top — I can’t stop at just one!

  2 Responses to “Renfrew top — I finally made one!”

  1. I love how yours turned out, and it fits you great!

    I know what you mean about googling other people’s versions to check the fit, there’s a lot of patterns out there that people love that would look horrible on me. I strongly believe in that whole ‘just because they make it in your size, doesn’t mean it will look good on you’ thing. Along with the ‘they probably shouldn’t make it in that size, it looks terrible!’ 😉

  2. omg, totally!! i’m always doing google image searches before making anything. can you be addicted to google? i too have had this pattern for an embarrassingly long period of time and i’ve yet to make one.

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