Jan 242014

A couple months ago, Mr. Yazoo had to go on a work trip. Cosmo had been a little clingier than usual, so I made him a daddy dolly to hug while Mr. Yazoo was away.
daddy dolly

I actually had really wanted to buy a doll pattern (I love any excuse to buy a pattern), but for various reasons, I ended up making my own. I fixated on being able to make sticky-forward feet, and I was so happy when I kind of managed it!
daddy dolly feet

daddy dolly feet from the side

I even prototyped them first, which is the kind of practice and planning that’s practically unheard of in the Yazoo workshop. hehe.
daddy dolly prototype feet

Later on, I made another daddy dolly for my three-year-old niece whose dad is in the navy.
george dolly

And then recently I made a Luffy dolly for Mr. Yazoo’s friend’s baby’s first birthday party. (They were having a One Piece-themed party.)
luffy dolly

Sorry about the pictures! I finished up at 3:30 in the morning, which gave Mr. Yazoo just enough time to wrap it before dashing to work to give it to his co-worker. But I wanted to show you the hat, too! 😀
luffy dolly back

  4 Responses to “Daddy Dollies”

  1. Ha, Mr Yazoo is obviously not a matching flip flop fan 😀

  2. How cute are those! I have never made a dolly although I have a cloth doll that has been waiting for a face and some clothes forever : )

  3. Oh, I love handmade dolls and wish I had the patience to make them. These are so awesome! Love how personalized they are.

  4. Oh I LOVE your daddy dollies. These are so cute! You are so talented.

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