Dec 092013

Small projects, go!

Mom asked for a water bottle cozy. Blammo!
bottle cozy

As part of my de-bag-lady-ifying effort, I replaced my Freestyle (pumping stuff) tote with a Pink Penguin bag.
gnomey bag

There are gnomies on top…
gnomey bag, top

… and I put pockets inside to hold storage bags and pens and things.
gnomey bag pockets

Finally, I knit some Christmas stockings for the kids. I initially thought I’d sew them, but then I read people saying they loved their knit stockings since they streeeeeetch. 😀

Cosmo keeps wearing his like it’s an actual sock. hehe!

  2 Responses to “Return of the Attack of the Small Projects”

  1. I adore the bag. Gnomes!

    I think you’re missing a sock? So cute that the little one is wearing it as an actual sock! This post is a reminder that I need to get on with the Christmas sewing. *sigh*

  2. Nothing worse than being attacked by a small project 😉

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