Nov 062013

I love how fantastic sewing is for someone like me who has hobby ADD — bored of making quilts? Sew clothes! Bored of making clothes? Sew bags! Tired of making bags? Sew toys! And so I made some monsters for my kiddies.
monster trio

I let them choose which one they wanted (Glowbug got the leftover one), and Cosmo picked the pink monster that’s based on Igor Mousenstein.
googly eye monster

Sunshine chose the one from Make a Monster. I was so surprised that he actually really likes it — it’s been a couple of weeks, and he’s still carrying it around! He calls it his dolly. 😀
weirdo monster

Glowbug got the last one, which I made just so Sunshine would still be able to make a choice after Cosmo. It’s based on a monster I saw on Pinterest, but the link goes somewhere weird… anyway, I think it’s really funny! It’s the perfect shape to put a crinkly thing inside for babies, although that didn’t occur to me when I made this one.
moustachioed monster

They’ve got hearts on their butts because it’s a monster requirement, donchaknow. Picture overload!
moustachioed monster, back
monster pair, back
kiddies with monsters

  4 Responses to “Monster Dollies”

  1. Ha, love them! I also love that the boy got the pink one and the girl the blue one, way to go on the equal opportunities colour front 😀 BTW, is Cosmo wearing odd flip flops? Extra cool points 😉

  2. A-doooor- able! The little butt hearts – sweet! It reminds me of my Raggedy Ann that had a heart where the heart should be.

  3. Those are so awesome! And I love the leftover one the best 🙂

    I know what you mean about needing a break from quilting. I seem to have taken one mid quilt-along. As in, quilt-along is over but my quilt still needs 2 more borders.

  4. I adore the mustache monster, it’s such a cutie and I love the hearts on their backs.
    Greetings Martina

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