Aug 132011

My sister and I were shopping for her mother-in-law’s birthday present the other day, and I offered to make her a present out of Dawnybear’s footprint. Then we realized that we should make three of these, so that my sister and parents could have ones, too. 🙂
footprint potholder for Stacy
I used Sugar Pop scraps and bicycles because my mom said she liked the bicycles. I used too much bicycle fabric on this next one, though!
footprint potholder for Jill
The potholders have two layers of the InsulBrite that my sister sneakily had paid for when we went to the store for her friends’ ribbon blankies’ supplies.
footprint potholder for Mom
I practiced my free-motion quilting on the backs, but only drew one picture for each because I was running out of time before my family was going to wake up. For my mom’s potholder, I made a flower like the one she draws for Cosmo when they’re playing crayons. 🙂
footprint potholder for Mom - the back
My stitches were really tiny and I had a hard time moving the fabric around, so I followed The Free Motion Quilting Project’s awesome instructions for modifying your fmq foot, and it was so much easier! Then I followed one of their neat patterns to make this daisy for my sister’s mother-in-law.
footprint potholder for Jill - the back
Finally, I drew hearts on my sister’s potholder because she likes hearts. I definitely need more practice on making hearts and text!
footprint potholder for Stacy - the back

I’m linking to the August Bloggers’ Dinner Party. Thanks, Lindsay Sews, for hosting it this month!

Bloggers' Dinner Party

  6 Responses to “Dawnybear potholders”

  1. Sugar Pop–one of my favorite fabric lines! What a great idea for a keepsake. 🙂 Thanks for linking up to the party!

  2. That is such a neat idea! Love that fabric, too!

  3. […] This slays me. Alli of B.Yazoo made this potholder from fabric strips that showcase her young niece’s footprint. She liked this one so much, she made two more. Go HERE to learn more. […]

  4. Love the fabric and idea. What did you use to get the footprint besides a foot? 😉

  5. This is such a sweet Idea!! Love it!

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