Aug 072011

My sister was interested in learning how to make the pentagon baby squishies, so I brought over all the supplies to show her. She really liked my spring loaded scissors, which I also love, but usually only use at home since the point is so sharp (I keep them in a plastic jar). I think we’re going to go to Fabric Mart tomorrow to get her her own pair, so I made her a case so that she’ll be able to carry it around without poking holes in things!
carrot scissors case
The bunny button is from shop4craft’s store.
with scissors in
I looped a hair elastic at the end of the carrot greens to go around the button. I didn’t want to sew it in because I wanted it to be easily replaceable in case it broke.
showing the rubberband
I wish I had a case for myself so I could always have my favorite scissors with me, but I’m too lazy to make a second one. 😀

I’m linking to Clover and Violet‘s Stash Project of the Month — I love making little things from stuff I already have in the house!

  2 Responses to “Carrot Scissors Case”

  1. Thats one very adorable scissor bag with the cutest bunny button! Cute as a button! 🙂

  2. Cute little case! Very handy!

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