Sep 072013

My goal this month is to make myself some culottes! I’ve had the pattern for a couple of weeks now, but it keeps getting pushed aside by other projects. Oh, and I was so sad — only about a week after I bought the paper pattern, it was finally released as a pdf pattern! I would rather have bought it as a pdf cause I like the security of knowing I’ll never lose it. Shucks!
culottes wip

I have the pattern pieces traced and cut out, so all I have to do is cut my fabric and sew. Since I bought jersey instead of a woven fabric, I read that I can leave off the zipper and just sew in some elastic. I also bought some wooly nylon thread for my serger, so I’m excited to try out a couple of new things. I hope my culottes turn out okay — right now, I’ve only got two pairs of shorts!

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  1. Doesn’t it always seem to go that way…it you had not bought the paper pattern, it would not come out in pdf! I don’t wear shorts, but tend to cover up a bit with capris, skirts or the longer athletic skorts…so I look forward to seeing your culottes which would be another option for me.

  2. Very cute! I soooo don’t have the legs for these. Or the waistline come to that 😉

  3. […] were all grey, and I made him wait while I ran inside to put on moisturizer. hehehe. This was my September goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes. Now I have three whole (casual, hot-weather-wearing) things to wear […]

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