Jul 282013

I’ve been looking forward to making the Books for Baby quilt, but I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t realize it was this week’s project til it was announced! So I jammed and made it in a week. Blammo! (It’s fast for me…)
books for baby quilt top

I made about four books a night from Monday through Thursday, then Friday and Saturday were for the final assembly, and here we are: one baby quilt top, done!
owl block

I made the book blocks using all scrap bin fabric, so it looks a little crazy because I didn’t have many low-volume scraps to use for backgrounds. And I didn’t realize the peachy border fabric would have such a strong effect on the quilt — I kind of wish I’d used more of the yellow for borders. Oops!
ladybugs block

Since I knew I was going to be handling the quilt blocks a lot (I took them to work for the removing paper part), I used a pinking blade in my rotary cutter. The back of the quilt looks super tidy, but all of the little confetti fabric bits made a huge mess on the floor!
books for baby, back of the quilt

Even though the quilt came out kind of peachy-colored, I’m still really excited about it. Cosmo and Sunshine have fun pointing things out in our I Spy picnic quilt, so I’m hoping they’ll do the same with this one. I’m planning to finish it up in time for Cosmo to use it for naps when preschool starts up again!

  8 Responses to “One week!”

  1. Wow! That pinking blades really makes the back look neat and pretty. I always manhandle my blocks, so naturally I have a lot of thread to clip at the end. 😛 Where did you find the pinking blade?

  2. Such cute blocks! I’m impressed that it all came together in a week, way to go!

  3. Well done – it is gorgeous, love the blue border.
    I did something similar, I already had the fabrics pulled but didn’t make any blocks until Wednesday – had the whole quilt top finished by Friday night!

  4. oh this is just darling!! Very very sweet.

  5. […] When I was cutting sashing strips for my Books for Baby quilt top, I needed 24 10″ x 1.5″ strips, so I thought, “okay, ten inches means I can get […]

  6. Woot, well done! How does one trim the paper off with a pinking blade? Anything to stop ripping the paper off sounds good to me…

  7. That was quick and it turned out so cute! I’ve always wanted to try the pinking blade… now that I see the results of your efforts I just may have to get one.

  8. Really lovely! I’m giving this a try too but I always get stuck trying to match colors even though I’m trying to make it scrappy! I have a problem 🙂 How do you use the pinking shears to take off the paper? Do you take the paper off at the very end?

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