Jul 222013

At the beginning of the year, I made Cosmo that car backpack with the not-quite-right straps that I was too lazy to fix.
backs of backpacks

After being Mean Mom on a couple of field trips — forcing him to carry his own backpack even though: 1) Daddy carries all the backpacks when he goes on field trips and 2) the straps kept falling off Cosmo’s shoulders — I finally fixed them. There’s no way I was going to let that expensive Kokka fabric go to waste!

I had quite a bit of Soft and Stable lying around, and it seemed to be perfect for the job since it holds its shape while also being really light. I also wanted to use corduroy since it kind of clings to other fabric (I was really trying to get that backpack to stay on Cosmo’s shoulders!), but that meant I was not at all looking forward to turning a tube of corduroy + Soft and Stable right side out. But then I had an idea! (Which I’m sure has been done before, but it never hurts to have ideas in many places.) So here’s how I made backpack straps out of two bulky, stick-to-each-other materials:

  1. Sewed the corduroy tubes closed at one end.
    sew strap - step 1
  2. Sewed the Soft and Stable just to the short, closed end of the inside-out strap.
    sew strap - step 2
  3. Turned the corduroy right side out around itself and then up along the Soft and Stable. Easy!
    sew strap - step 3
  4. Then I just whapped off the old straps at the upper back seam, sewed them on top of the new straps, picked apart the top seam, and sewed it back together with the new strap in. I didn’t realize this until I was done, but because the top hanging loop was basted to the back of the backpack, it ended up underneath the new straps, but I was once again much too lazy to go back and fix it. Will I ever learn? Probably not!
    fixt backpack straps

    The new straps work much better than the old, but to be honest, the kids with the store-bought backpacks have a much easier time than poor Cosmo. Too bad! I’m still gonna make Cosmo use it. muhahaha.

    Speaking of field trips, I’m just going to whisper here — in my limited experience with three-year-olds, it seems like it’s better for parents to either come to all of the field trip (and then take their kid home afterwards) or not come at all. Mr. Yazoo and I have been on a few field trips lately where a well-meaning parent goes to work first, attends the field trip portion of the day, and then goes back to work… but after that parent leaves, his’er kid criiiiiiies all during the bus ride back to school. However, the kids whose parents don’t come to the field trip are perfectly happy with their schoolmate partner and whichever adult chaperone was assigned to them. Just wanted to mention…!

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  1. Well saved! I think it’s in the parents handbooks to be mean to your kids with things like this though, my parents certainly exercised that part a lot 😉

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