Jul 192013

Since I sew while everyone’s sleeping, I close the bedroom door most of the way so the noise and light doesn’t disturb my family, but still leave it a little cracked open so I can hear when Glowbug wakes up. On breezy nights, this was a problem because the door would bang open and shut, obviously defeating the purpose of the whole thing. Solution? A rock door stop!
door stop rock happy

I thought that was so funny — it’s a rock! Rocks make great doorstops! But I made a rock for a doorstop instead of just picking one up from outside! hehehe.

Anyway, I embroidered faces on the other two sides as well (please pardon the weird colors — I don’t know what the heck I’m doing in gimp).
door stop rock squinty

Since we moved, I packed up my less-frequently-used craft supplies in boxes that are currently under the house, and that’s where my would-have-been-perfect-for-this bag of crushed walnut shells is. Doh! Then I remembered our jar full of change that never gets spent, so I weighted the rock with a bag of pennies. Nice and heavy!
door stop rock sleepy

The next morning, eagle-eyed Cosmo noticed our new rock right away, and claimed he loved it and that it was his best friend. He carried it around the house, kept tossing it (to go THUNK on the hard floors), and got into some scuffles with Sunshine over whose rock it was, so the next night I made some rock brothers for the kids to play with.
rock bros
Of course, the boys mainly ignored the new rocks. Such is my life!

Linking up to Amanda’s Finish It Up Friday. Maybe someone else will think these are funny, too! 😀

  6 Responses to “Rock bros”

  1. Cute doorstops! I like their different expressions.

  2. I love that you made a doorstop to solve your problem! I would have gone the lazy route and grabbed a shoe or something. You are a such a good mama for making a couple more for the kiddies 🙂

  3. We have a screened-in porch off of the kitchen with large sliding glass doors to the house, and for some reason (good at times…) there is a regular door from the kitchen to the front part of the house and stairway upstairs. We would open the sliders and get a good breeze coming through – so good that the kitchen to hall door would slam shut. Enter a stuffed mallard with a brick inside that someone made eons ago when those printed panels were popular. You know that sometimes there are things that you have for so long that you never even notice anymore how odd they are? Your rocks rock! They are much cuter!

  4. These are really cute! I can see why your boys each wanted one to play with. I really like the little guy that’s squinting. It’s like he’s trying his hardest to hold the door back. 🙂

  5. ROFL, fighting over fake rocks, love it!

  6. Ha! These are too cute and funny.

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