Jul 122013

Yes, I am inflicting yet another gadget case on you! My uncle just got himself a new Nook, and he was carrying it around in a plastic grocery bag. My mom offered him one of her Le Sportsac bags, which he shockingly declined, saying it was too girly. Soon after that, he invited everyone out to dim sum (YAY), so I attempted to make him a less girly gadget case as a thank you present. It is so manly, in fact, that I had Sunshine help model it to try to prevent you from falling right to sleep.
manly gadget case haha

It’s made of linen (being gray ups the testosterone points), canvas duck (practically from Lowe’s), and a Parson Gray print (manly fabric designed by a man). You can see that my top stitching is nothing to rave about, but (to make myself feel better,) I read someone’s opinion that top stitching twill is to be avoided. I did notice that the top stitching on the linen side came out much nicer.
gadget case inside

I had to take it apart and adjust things because it was initially a little too small, but lucky for me, I had practice doing that from the last time my dad asked me to adjust his gadget case. Sunshine approves of me getting over myself.
gadget case and Sunshine

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  2 Responses to “Yum yum, dim sum (or, not another gadget case!)”

  1. I hope this one trumps the shopping bag 😀

  2. Your little guy sure is cute! 🙂 He seems very happy helping his mom out.

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