Jun 132013

Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh you guys — my Juki finally works! My fancier machine is a Juki TL-2000Qi that I bought a year ago, and I’ve been wanting to use it more, but I was really discouraged because I wasn’t able to vary my sewing speed using the foot pedal. No matter how lightly I pressed down, I’d always go from off to full speed ahead, and I’m not a good enough sewerer to be able to make things at full zoom.

After a lot of me doing unproductive things, I finally asked Mr. Yazoo to take a look at it. (I read something about how sewing machine pedals use varying voltages to attain different sewing speeds, and he’s an electrical engineer, so I just pass anything onto him that has electrical words associated. :D) He opened up the foot pedal, and this is what it looks like inside:
Juki TL-2000Qi foot pedal, inside

Normally, when you press the foot pedal, the white piece at the top end of the spring gets pulled up along that gold-colored plate attached to the circuit board. Husbo tested it out by hand and found out that my foot pedal was indeed acting only as an on/off switch, with no slow speed in between. Then he used a Phillips head screwdriver to turn that grey plus sign thingy clockwise, and voila! My foot pedal worked properly with different speeds! Yay!!!
Juki TL-2000Qi foot pedal, inside (zoomed)

I’m so happy that now I can use my Juki a lot a lot a lot! However, I’m not so pleased that this means it came to me set up improperly — it makes me wonder how many other people received their foot pedal in the same condition, but won’t know to adjust it. Yay for the internets and google, hopefully. :}

Oh! If you’re interested, Mr. Yazoo said that the thingy in the foot pedal is a potentiometer. blingledebloop. 🙂

  4 Responses to “My Juki works!!!”

  1. Does this mean you can potent-ially sew more easily ;)?

  2. Oh, a potentiwhatsit, why didn’t you say so! 😉 Glad it’s chugging along nicely for you now

  3. […] The foot pedal only let me sew at full speed. Solution: Open up the foot pedal and turn the plus sign thingy so it will let you sew at slow through fast […]

  4. How do you get the foot pedal opened?

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