May 162013

I’m still here! I’m still sewing, too, but I’ve been playing video games instead of goofing off online. :} Anyhoo, I made two kiddie backpacks recently-ish. One was for Cosmo because his preschool said he needed one for field trips, and the other was for a present.
kiddie backpacks

I made both of these by generally following the Owl Tag Along backpack pattern at the Moda Bakeshop. I left off the side and interior pockets, added an exterior zippered pocket, and did the adjustable straps differently. For the car backpack, I used the back pattern pieces, which makes the backpack sit higher up. I guess that’s so your toddler won’t tip over, and it kind of looks okay on Sunshine, who’s two…
car backpack on Sunshine

… but it looks weird on Cosmo, who’s four. Oh, but a four-year-old isn’t a toddler, is he? And I just noticed that I could have loosened the straps for him. User error all over the place!
car backpack on Cosmo

The embroidery on the pocket is Shiny Happy World’s vroom vroom pattern.
vroom vroom pocket

On the pac-man backpack, I used the front pattern piece to cut the back, and I sewed the straps into the top seam like normal backpacks. I think that looks a lot better!
pac-man backpack on Cosmo

I had these grand plans to embroider Caleb’s name on in the style of this google game picture, but then I got lazy and just freezer-paper-stenciled his name on the pocket using a pac-man-like font. I like the way the tutorial tells you to put in the lining — it’s not awful on the inside, the double lines of stitching on the outside look pretty nice, and there’s no hand-sewing!
stitching, close up

I’m often kind of mean about using really cute fabric for linings, but I’d hoarded my whale fabric for so long that it had gotten faded along the parts that were exposed to the window, so I didn’t mind using it all up. O_o
backpack linings

I didn’t put on piping since I didn’t have any (plus, I feel like making piping uses up a ton of fabric!), so the backpacks don’t hold their shapes as well as they could. I did put stabilizer behind everything except the zipper pieces so the backpacks wouldn’t completely collapse. I think it works well enough, especially since field trip chaperones end up holding the kids’ backpacks, anyway!
backs of backpacks

That was an awful lot of pictures just for a pair of backpacks! 😀

  6 Responses to “Little Baby Pack Mules”

  1. Ha, there was me thinking you’d been slave driving your kids again 😉 Love the pacman one and how it’s names, and I do love that car fabric. Sunshine has the coolest shades too 😉

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  3. Those backpacks look adorable :)!

  4. Oh… how cute! The backpacks … and the kiddos! Love your fabric choices and the embroidery is so fun!

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  6. Hi I was wondering did you use a pattern, being trying to find a standard backpack pattern online but drawstring ones only seem to pop up not sure what kind of backpack this is called and how hard was it to make?

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