Apr 042013

Dinky project attack!

Item 1
My brother-in-law is studying Russian for a year, so I made him a pillow cover with Russian phrases stenciled on it for his birthday (I cut the stencils out of freezer paper). I found this wonderful forum where people are willing to do free translations, so I asked how to say, “tummy tight. purple cup.” That was because my niece had recently had a sore tummy, so my sister gave her some flat ginger ale in a purple cup. She liked it so much, that afterwards she kept saying that to try to get more yummies. 😀
tummy tight. purple cup.

On the back, I put a normal proverb, “East or West, home is best,” and my brother-in-law recognized it, yay!
East or West, home is best.

I used House on Hill Road’s tutorial to put a zipper flap on the pillow case. It took me a while to understand what was going on, but once I did, it was neat! I like that now I can put nice closures on pillows without having to stock up on invisible zippers, which I don’t normally use.
Russian pillow, zipper flap

Item 2
Cosmo was asking for a star since he was good, so I used Wild Olive’s star template from her Rainbow Road Coffee Cuff project to make him a wand. It only cost me a dollar or so for the whole thing since I just had to get a dowel from Lowe’s, and I managed to make it in the half hour I had before picking him up from preschool. (Amazing for me, cause I’m slooow.) I still have two thirds of the dowel left rolling around my kitchen counter — no one’s needed more wands, yet!
star wand

Item 3
Cosmo had a field trip to an aquaponics place, and since they were going to do fish paintings, he was supposed to bring a big shirt to use as an art smock. I’ve been keeping my eye on art smock tutorials, though, so I wanted to make him one, but now that it was time, I didn’t want to use nice materials for something that’s meant to get messy. Scroogey Yazoo strikes again! Serendipitously, I stumbled upon one dollar shopping bags at TJ Maxx, and used one to make an easy, super cheapie art smock.
art smock, untied

All I did was:

  1. Chop off the edges and the handles
  2. Cut a hole in the bottom of the bag
  3. Resewed the bottom, since the seams unraveled a bit after I cut the hole
  4. Melted the ends of the handles with a match (too lazy to fish out the fray check from my notions box)
  5. Sewed the handles back on for waist ties

And voila — one dollar art smock! Which Cosmo didn’t end up using, because the aquaponics people didn’t give the chaperones any time to put them on! Anyhoo, here’s Cosmo using his model posing skillz.
art smock, model pose

  4 Responses to “Dinky projects: they’re the dinkiest!”

  1. Love the cushion cover and your bargain kids’ entertainment items 😉

  2. That stencil project looks amazing!!!!

  3. Love your projects! What a clever idea for a smock! I need to check out that hidden zipper tutorial. I have a pillow I’m making and this would be great for it.

    Have a great day!

  4. […] cheap corduroy from Fabric Mart, then used a stash zipper and ribbon. This was right after making my brother-in-law’s pillowcase, so I still knew how to make a neato zipper flap (I’ve forgotten already by now!) to hide […]

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