Mar 122013

Sara released her Petrillo Bag pattern yesterday, and I was lucky enough to be one of her testers for it. I was excited to make it because the teardrop sides make for an interesting shape.
petrillo bag

I had a fabric happy and a fabric sad when I made this — my fabric happy was that I had a perfect shade of orange-ish solid to go with the orangey diamond fabric on the flap. That was pretty amazing because I only have about three kinds of orange solid in my stash! My fabric sad was that when I laid out the grey flower print on my cutting mat, I found out that the yard of fabric was actually only about 32″! I don’t think I bought a remnant, I don’t remember which fabric shop I bought it from so I can’t check my receipt, and I definitely didn’t get any short cut notifications or mini refunds recently… boo! And harrumph. When online fabric stores run out and send what they have, they usually give a small refund, yesno?

Anyhoo, I had a crazy time getting those sides on — look at this porcupine!
petrillo bag, pinned side

I totally dig the teardrop shape of this bag, but I kept wanting it to be a messenger bag or backpack. The bag has a big padded pocket for a tablet; unfortunately, I have no tablet. I must be secretly grouchy about that, because I took a picture of the zippered pocket instead of the tablet pocket. 😀
petrillo bag, inside

The first time I finished making this bag, I found out that I’d put the magnet that’s inside the top flap an inch too high, so the bag didn’t close correctly inside of the straps. Gahhhh! After some pouty time, I ripped things out and put it back together properly. I keep having to relearn that the time I spend being mad and anticipating the hassle of ripping things out and fixing them is longer than the time I actually spend ripping things out and fixing them. heh.
petrillo bag, lounging against a tree

  3 Responses to “Sara’s a busy gal!”

  1. Ah yes, those inset curve bag sides are prickly wee buggers! Glad you got it sorted in the end though, and hope santa brings you a tablet ;o)

  2. Boo to the fabric shop that shorted you 🙁 Glad you were able to make it work.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your lining fabric! I like the other fabric, too, but the lining is so fun!

    Looks like you did a great job putting it together!

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