Feb 202013

Tah dah!
Kakashi pillow
For like two days after I made it, every time Mr. Yazoo passed this pillow, he’d pick it up, grin, and say, “that’s so cool!”

As a bonus, here’s a Yazoo tutorial on how to make a four-seam, butt-easy project like this take an hour and a half (or more):

  1. Order an extra large t-shirt with your favorite anime character on it.
  2. Put the shirt in your scrap bin “to sew with later,” and then forget about it for about a year.
  3. Find the shirt again when you’re rummaging through your scrap bin for hexie fabric.
  4. Buy a 14″ pillow form because it’s cheap and the 12″ one is definitely way too small.
  5. Cut the side, neck, and sleeve seams off the shirt.
  6. Even though you know that you bought a 14″ pillow form, measure the pillow a couple of times to check that it’s really 14 inches.
  7. Measure a 15″ square around the best part of the design on the front of the shirt. Measure it twice more, just to be sure.
  8. Cut the square out of the front of the shirt.
  9. Decide to add interfacing to the front square of the shirt so the design won’t stretch and look weird.
  10. Think about your decision for a while.
  11. Decide you’ve made a good decision, cut out the interfacing, and iron it on.
  12. Think about using the serger to finish the inside raw edges of the pillow cover.
  13. Vaguely remember that serger stitches aren’t stretchy, so google how to finish the raw edges of your knit t-shirt square (just in case you ever wash the pillow cover [which you won’t]).
  14. After a good while of googling, remember that knits don’t unravel. DUH.
  15. Dither for a while about whether to put in a zipper or make an envelope enclosure. Decide on an envelope enclosure because it’s for you and you’re lazy.
  16. Realize you can use the finished bottom edge of the back of the t-shirt for the outside of the envelope enclosure so it looks pretty. Pat yourself on the back and take a snack break for a reward.
  17. Decide to make the inside bit of the envelope back 10″ tall.
  18. Waffle forever about whether to make the outside bit of the envelope back 10 or 11 inches tall. Seriously, FOREVER.
  19. I’m not kidding; keep waffling.
  20. Finally decide on 11 inches, because you can always cut off more, but you can’t add any back.
  21. Cut out your two rectangles. Bam!
  22. Pin the heck out of the three pillow pieces so they line up perfectly. Goodness knows you can’t afford to be off by any little bit, considering you’re sewing a fabric that will stretch to fit the pillow, and you’re using a measly half inch seam allowance.
  23. Unpin and repin the pillow pieces because you put the nice, finished, bottom hem from the t-shirt on the inside.
  24. Sew those four seams!
  25. Wahoo! An hour and a half later, you have the most awesomest pillow in the world that your husband will love the most of everything you’ve ever made, ever!

And here’s that fancy dancy envelope back thingoo.
Kakashi pillow, back. BOOYAH.

  2 Responses to “The coolest thing I’ve ever made”

  1. So, err, now’s not the time to mention that sergers are preferred on knits, right? 😉 Looks great though 😀

  2. Seriously cool pillow! I strongly identify with your tutorial 🙂

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