Feb 182013

I finally finished my June Piece Bee block from last year! Eva asked for houses, so I made mine from this super interesting Japanese house. Since I’m not good at drawing, I chose not to try to move walls around to avoid having to sew Y seams, and that’s why there are a bunch of them in there. I hope Eva forgives me for being almost a year late!
Piece Bee June house block

  3 Responses to “Finally Finished! (in February)”

  1. Well I don’t know, playing at architect as well as construction worker 😉

  2. Geez! I still haven’t made yours…hanging my head in shame…. LOVE the block! I really need to get it together and catch up with my blocks!!

  3. Seriously. . this is amazing. I totally got lost in your inspiration link as well.

    Thanks for linking up!

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