Feb 122013

Last month, I treated myself to a couple of Architextures prints and the Day in the Park Backpack Tote pattern. I love bags that can also turn into backpacks! It makes it easier to chase after my boys in stores while bystanders wonder why that mom doesn’t have her kids under better control. :>
Day in the Park backpack, front

The bag closes with a magnetic snap, and I’d like to say again that I dooooon’t like sew-in magnetic snaps. I can’t sew around them neatly! After I finished the bag, I vaguely remembered that it might work better if I sewed the magnetic snap to the sew-in interfacing instead of the wrong side of the bag lining, but pfft. I think the prong magnet snaps look nice, so I’ll just use those in the future! Plus, this bag never closes anyway because it’s always stuffed too full.
Day in the Park backpack, inside

This had an awful lot of pattern pieces, so it took me a while to cut just because I kept forgetting what I was doing and kept flipping through all my bits of paper. Some of the pattern pieces were just rectangles, though, and I understood that they were included because of pressing guide marks and things like that, but it added to my paper overload confusion.
Day in the Park backpack, back

These straps are ingenious and so comfy! Plus, I like that when I put on or take it off as a backpack, it doesn’t go sliding off wonkily sideways the way it would if the backpacky straps were one long piece. Mr. Yazoo said this is his favorite of the bags I’ve made myself so far. 🙂
Day in the Park backpack, backpack style

I want to make more of these, and maybe I’ll be ambitious enough to try to add an inset zipper at the top!

  3 Responses to “My new backpack!”

  1. love it!! i want one!

  2. Yay for practical bags!

  3. I love this! You did a great job! I just saw that fabric at a quilt shop last weekend. I love it!

    I hate putting those magnetic snaps in, too! I had a hard time with my stitching around the snaps on my Tohoku Tote I made.

    Have a great day!


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