Feb 012013

Yesterday, Sara at Sew Sweetness released her new bag pattern, the Dot Dot Dash Bag. Earlier in the year, she’d asked if anyone would be interested in helping her test patterns, and I was all, ooh ooh me! I often read about people getting to test patterns and felt jaaaalous, so was super excited that this time that I could be a tester, myself.

This is the bag I made!
dot dot dash bag

The pattern’s marked as intermediate/advanced, and I guess that’s at the very tippy edge of my current bag-making ability, because that dang inset zipper took me two hours to finally get in. I ripped things out many, many times, and when I finally got it in, the bag looked like this:
dot dot dash bag, after attaching zipper panel step 10 - full

It was totally worth it, though, because now I (theoretically) know how to add inset zippers to other bags! I already have another bag in mind for that treatment… but anyhoo, it came out pretty nicely on this bag, if I do say so myself, despite how awful it looks on the inside.
dot dot dash bag, interior zip pocket

Oh yeah, the pattern doesn’t call for it, but I added interior zip and patch pockets. You know, because the bag didn’t have enough compartments. ;> I ended up giving this bag to my niece — it’s so padded that I thought it would make a good bag for her laptop. Also, I really wanted to use that funny musubi print when I saw it in the store, and she was the only person I could think of who wouldn’t give me a look for it. hehehe.

Congratulations to Sara for releasing her pattern! I’m so impressed by people who have the kinds of brains that want to design things!

  2 Responses to “Dot Dot Daaash”

  1. I love your version of the pattern. Not only is nice because of the corduroy fabric but also for the contrast with lime green. Great!!

  2. Great bag! Love the triple zippers and fabric choices. Especially love the lining!!!

    Have a great weekend! Hope you can get some sleep with your new baby!

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