Jan 222013

At our family’s New Year’s dinner, my cousin noticed my snapped kleenex holder (oh! which I just realized I never took a picture of, but made using the last set of instructions in this tutorial and sticking a snap on the fabric tab). He is also one of the awesome people in the world who carries around his own kleenex (hehe), and he said that if I ever make a zippered kleenex holder, he’d like one since they’re kind of hard to find nowadays. (Neither of us go to craft fairs, though — maybe that’s where they all are. 😀 )

Soon after, A Spoonful of Sugar put up a great zippered pencil case tutorial, which I thought would be perfect to crib from. She said it could hold a small pack of tissues, but also a bunch of pens or a small notebook, so I figured it must be a little larger than what I needed. I tried out a couple of dimensions and found the size I like!
zippered kleenex case, experiments

The three sizes I experimented with were:

  • 5″ w by 5″ h: too skinny and kind of short
  • 5.75″ w x by 5.25″ h: still a little skinny, but a good height
  • 6.25″ w x 5.25″ h: my favorite!

This last size (6.25″ wide by 5.25″ high) is the right size for a Cheapie McCheaperson like me, who folds up kleenexes from the box (first in half, then in fourths) to put in my tissue case because I think it’s a waste of money to buy packaged pocket kleenex pouches. It can also hold the tissues from the pocket packs as long as you take them out of the plastic pouch. If you want to keep your pocket kleenex packs in the plastic wrapper and then also put it into a zippered pouch, you’d have to use slightly taller and wider pieces of fabric to start with.

So! In case you want to make these (plain Zane) zippered kleenex cases, here are some notes to supplement A Spoonful of Sugar’s tutorial:

  1. Cut 1 each exterior and interior fabric 6.25″ wide by 5.25″ high
  2. Use a 6″ (or larger, of course) zipper
  3. Don’t bother quilting the exterior 😀
  4. Topstitch down each side of the zipper

I’m so happy that I can make as many of these zippered kleenex cases as I want, now! And it didn’t cost me $10 for the pattern, either! (hehehe… that’s what I found when I tried to google a pattern.)

  3 Responses to “Zippered Kleenex Pouches”

  1. Cute! Definitely adds some fun to plain kleenex!

  2. $10 for a pattern for kleenex cases?! FFS, that’s insane! Glad you worked it out for free ;o)

  3. Brilliant!!! Looks great!

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