Jun 142012

I made a weekender bag! It’s the first of three, at least hopefully, since I already bought the fabric for the next two. ahehe. This one’s for my mom to use when she visits my sister in a month or two.

My mom told me she liked the elephant fabric back when she requested her birthday bento bags. I forgot to buy interior fabric especially for this bag, but fortunately I had a half yard of yellow pearl bracelets that went with the elephants nicely. Not-so-fortunately, a half yard isn’t at all enough for all the lining pieces, so I scrounged up extra stuff to make it up. (Sorry about the picture — you’re not going blind; the elephants on the bottom are fuzzy. I thought they were in focus when I took the picture, but they weren’t. :} )

By that time, I was feeling too lazy to make an interior zip pocket, and now I regret not adding it in because it doesn’t take that much extra time. Also, I was too lazy to tack the lining up to the seam with the piping, which was silly of me.

I made the exterior pockets into zip pockets, and I thought I could get away with only using the lining pieces the pattern has you cut for the slip pockets (I was tired from trying to find coordinating linings!), but I REALLY should have made the pockets the way I know I should have made them (the normal way!!!). This is the part that bothers me the most:

I’m all about just getting things done and letting imperfections go on quilts, but I have to get it through my head that I shouldn’t be lazy with bags, especially since making things right doesn’t take that much longer. Grr at me! Anyhoo, one thing I am happy about is that I added an adjustable cross-body strap — I think those make bags a lot easier to use, even if they aren’t necessarily the most attractive thing. At least it’s removable if my mom doesn’t want it!

With all my griping it was probably hard to tell, but this bag does make me happy. I’m happy that I finished it and it wasn’t too bad to make! 🙂

  8 Responses to “In which I learn (again) that I shouldn’t be lazy because it’ll bug me FOREVER afterwards”

  1. Cute, cute, cute! And piping? I am totally impressed!

  2. I love that elephant fabric! I also have the lazy bug sometimes when I’m sewing, and I always regret it :(. However your bag looks fab, and very professional 😉 I love it!

  3. Loving the ellies! Sorry the bag was out to get you though…

  4. gosh you make such cute stuff! Awesome fabric choices and I’m usually totally lazy, too, then regret it. Hope your mom loves it!

  5. oh, i so know what you mean! i wish i had put a zippered pocket in the bag i just finished… when will we learn? 😉 but it is beautiful!!

  6. I’ve gotten the case of the lazies followed by regret, too 🙁
    I think the bag looks great, nonetheless, and the fabric is adorable!

  7. Oh wow, the bag is great!! I have this pattern too and was so afraid when I read the yardage. Haven’t tackled it yet 🙂 Plus piping scares me.

  8. Many years later… I love your bag, which I’m seeing on Pinterest. How did you attach the shoulder strap, and is it working?

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