May 312012

I’ve never been a clothes sewerer — even back when I knit, I’d only make blankets and toys because I was scared of all the fitting you have to do when you make things to wear. But just recently when I was complaining in my head about my ratty, shrunken wardrobe that’s the result of years of being too lazy to go shopping, I thought, I should try making clothes! Then, even if I only make one thing to wear a month, I would still be gaining infinity more clothes than I was before! hehe.

Pretty soon after that, I stumbled across Colette Patterns’ new Iris shorts pattern. The skill level is beginner and they looked really cute, so I bought the PDF version, which is $4 cheaper than the paper version. Yay! Plus, I like that I can cut out my size and just reprint the pieces if I needed other sizes.

(Gratuitous Sunshine pic! Ook, sorry about my scary veiny arms.)

I looked up how to measure myself, and then freaked out because I accidentally looked up my hip measurement on the pattern’s waist line and thought I was a sixteen. See how I’m not a clothes sewerer? I used some super cheap corduroy from my local Fabric Mart since it was my first try. It’s not flashy, but since it’s grey and hardy, I’ll wear it all the time. :>

The pattern was amazingly easy to put together; even the bottom hems were easy! I ended up folding up my hems three times because before that they were looking awfully old-mom-ey on me (I just cannot pull off long inseam shorts looking cute and kicky, boo), but that was the only modification I made. I used my serger to finish all the seams, and that made the inseams lie flat enough for me. I’m glad that I found someone else’s review saying that you don’t need to clip the curves if you serge and understitch — they pointed out that curved seams are never clipped in ready-to-wear clothes.

This was my first time installing an invisible zipper; I used Sew Serendipity’s tutorial (yay for not needing a special invisible zipper foot!) and mine turned out pretty much okay! I had a bit of trouble getting the zipper closed around seam intersections because the corduroy became so bulky, but I’m looking forward to it being easier on my next attempt. I left off the hook closure because those pinch my I’ll-get-my-tummy-back-in-shape-after-I’m-finished-having-babies-[hah-yeah-right] fat. :>

I’m excited about my new shorts! They’re comfy and only a little dowdy-looking. :> I think the slight dowdiness is due to the corduroy, so I’m optimistic about my next pair. Also, I’m glad that I’m using my serger more — it’s always nice justifying crafty purchases by making useful things!

  11 Responses to “I made shorts!”

  1. These are so cute! Great job Alli! Thanks for showing the inside seams as well. As someone new to garment sewing, I always find seeing how other’s finish seams to be very helpful.

  2. Wow, look at you – that’s just awesome!! I am so not a clothes sewererer either, and I also used to be a knitter and would try sweaters and they never fit like I hoped. 🙁 So you are very brave to try, and look at how successful you were. Awesome.

  3. so cute!!! if you’re a 16, i don’t even want to consider thinking about what i’d be. 😀 well done! now what’s next??

  4. Cute, and look, you have legs for short shorts. I TOTALLY don’t, I need the length lol (years of rowing!)

  5. I am soooo impressed! I used to be a garment sewer, grew up with a mom who made her own evening gowns and I could even put in fly zippers, but it is the fitting a body that uncooperatively pokes out that seems to the problem 🙁 I agree wih the question…what’s next?

  6. Alli, tHose are freaking Cute!! I am so impressed! Not dowdy at all. So Cute I almost want to try making some. Almost.

  7. Wow! They came out looking super pro, and the invisible zip is so neat! And you have the legs to show them off!!!

  8. these are so cute on you and good use of your serger…mine is sleeping in the closet.

  9. they look awesome!!! i’m running off to get that pattern 🙂 well, or at least add it to “the list”!

  10. They turned out SO great! I have the downloadable pattern, too and I’m so excited to sew them up! 🙂 Excited about the sewalong, too… shhhh… I didn’t say anything! 😉

  11. Hi, just wanted to say your ‘veiny arms’ aren’t scary, they are beautiful 🙂 They make you look strong & fit. Love yourself, unconditionally!

    Hugs, Desert

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